Who Is This Guy?

Why 2d6+3? Because I love RPGs. Nothing beats sitting around the table with a group of friends, chowing down on cheap hamburgers, and spending a few hours on a good dungeon-crawl. The name suits. But gaming isn’t the only thing that I’m going to talk about. My interests and opinions vary widely from social issues to politics to relationships and beyond.

I am not a victim of life, so don’t expect to see a lot of drama here. I’m not going to go off about my wife, who is a wonderful woman. You won’t read about my horrible childhood as it was really rather mundane. I didn’t do drugs or drink. The friends I had who did these things were cool about me abstaining. Sometimes there were just glad to have a sober driver. I don’t suffer from some neurotic condition and I wasn’t abused.

Just because I lack all of these things doesn’t mean that I can’t identify with those who do. I’m hyper-empathetic. My career choices have put me into contact with more such people than I can count. Some I was able to help, others, not so much.

My posts may occasionally be laced with colorful colloquialisms, although it is somewhat rare for anyone to hear an expletive escape my lips. That doesn’t make me a holier-than-thou Christian. I just seldom find it necessary to use them to express myself.

I may not post anything for days, or even weeks at a time, so no promises made there.

You may agree with something I post, but then again, you may not. I’m open to everyone’s opinions. I also know that people are emphatic about what they believe and are not usually open to changing their views. I respect everyone’s opinion whether or not I agree with it. I only ask that you do the same. If you decide to respond, at least be intelligent. Writing, “YOU SUCK!” tells me all I need to know about your intelligence level. I’ll probably leave those comments up there so that others know to avoid those peoples’ blogs.

I may frequently re-blog something because I think it’s important or profound. Or because it is so insanely stupid that others should be warned about them. It’s as likely as not that I’ll add my own two cents.

I’m not a grammar-nazi, but I do my best to abide by the rules. If all you want to do is go on about a misplaced semi-colon or dangling participle, go ahead, but don’t expect me to edit my post because of it. Fair warning, though, I use the Oxford comma.

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