Savannah in Detroit


This is a picture of the mystery cat that was roaming the streets of Detroit for the last couple of days. I say was because some moron shot the animal and threw it in the trash. I’m not a tree-hugger, but I don’t appreciate the unnecessary killing of animals, especially ones like this. I really don’t buy that the person who shot the cat was justifiably afraid of it.

I recognized this cat as a Savanna Cat as soon as I saw it. It’s no great mystery, and it wouldn’t have taken a whole lot of research to find out. It isn’t a bobcat or a leopard, and it isn’t four feet tall at the shoulder if it’s down on all four feet.


A1 Savannah’s Magic

These are docile, family-friendly cats and they are very expensive. An F1 female Savannah can run over $30,000, but I believe it would be worth it just to have one of these magnificent animals.

I wrote to the people at A1 Savannahs to see if they could capture this one before something horrible happened. Looks like I was too late.

I don’t believe that this cat was in any way threatening to anyone. It may look intimidating, but I don’t see it doing anything that could lead anyone to believe that it would hurt them.

This is worse that unfortunate and I am deeply saddened by it.

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